Hidden Danger at The Haunted Mansion





On our last trip to Disney World in July 2011, my family of 5 and I got to experience things we’ve never tried before. We were entertained by The Laugh Floor and Turtle Talk with Crush. Tried new foods and met new people. But we also got to try something new that we will never forget, nor will we let happen again; for anyone.

We had ridden The Haunted Mansion many times during our trip and to be honest, there really wasn’t much of a difference this time. Well, besides the fact that the line was longer and people pushier.

*SIDE NOTE – People please, we are all going in the same direction for the same ride. You will get on it too. There is no need to be shoving and cutting, especially when you see people with children.*

Okay, back on topic now. Well, after bottle necking out of the “elevator” like a major highway at 5pm, we were finally in the que line.

I was carrying my youngest DS, my oldest DS was walking in front of me with my husband and DD. Right before the last left-hand turn to the moving walkway, I see my daughter’s head whip back, joined with an explosion of tears and screams.

She was covering her face in an almost panic; she had hit her eye. OH NO!!!! What happened? I had no clue what she had ran into or what, if any, damage was done. While my husband tried to see if she was bleeding, I searched the area of the accident.

The posts the chains are on have a bat like creature on them with pointy wings. Guess what she ran into, eye first? That’s right, the wing. Mind you, she was 4-years-old at the time and about 42 inches tall. She was just walking along and a little to far to the right.

We flagged a cast member who let us legally line jump so we could assess the situation in better lighting. Luckily, it had hit the bone right below her eye and it appeared her head was slightly turned to the left when she hit. PHEW!!! No blood, cut, or visible injury.

We were asked if we wanted medical treatment, but we declined. We told the young cast member what it was she had run into and he didn’t seemed to shocked.

I’m hoping they have done something about this as it could have been a much more serious injury and I’m sure I wouldn’t have been as calm and cool if she had damaged her eye.

Just a precaution, when it’s dark in a que area, either carry your child or direct them right in front of you instead of next to you. Things we wouldn’t think to be of danger to us, can be for our little prince or princess.

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  • Oh my goodness! Luckily, it didn’t get her directly on her eye! Thanks for letting us know. My littlest one will be about that height on our next trip! I am happy to read she is ok, but hopefully, Disney does about it.

  • Thanks Beth! It was scary and all I could think about was other kids. I’d hate for it to happen to them.

    CORRECTION: DD was actually 5 at the time.

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