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I recently returned from a fabulous Walt Disney World with my daughter, Ashley, and her family.  If you haven’t gone on a Disney vacation with your grandkids I highly recommend it, seeing the magic through their eyes made it even more magical for me, and I didn’t think that was possible.

I recommended Memory Maker to Ashley while planning her vacation, which I do for all of my clients it is worth every penny! It’s so easy to use and it saves you from lugging around a heavy camera, and best of all it allows everyone to be in the picture. I have understood the value for years, but after our vacation I am more convinced than ever.

We came home with over 500 Photo Pass pictures from our 6 days, and they were some of my favorites from any of our Disney trips. Along with all of our Photo Pass pictures we had about 1000 between all of our cell phones. They are all absolutely magical and evoke such fabulous memories. The first picture is one that Ashley took when our little Prince Charming (Tripp) got to meet Cinderella.  I’m not quite sure what he may have said to her but judging by the expression on both of their faces it must have been hilarious.

It’s a really awesome picture isn’t it? One I am sure we will treasure for a many years to come. Now let’s look at the same moment from the lens of the Photo Pass photographer.

Wow!! Just Wow!! This second photo is being blown up and put on canvas for display in my daughter’s home. In Ashley’s words “This one picture is worth more than I paid for Memory Maker.” Needless to say I am more convinced that ever that the money spent on Memory Maker is money WELL spent.

I would love to help you create these magical moments. Give me a call at 877.825.6146 or email me at I would love to help.

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