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Over the course of the past few weeks we have been discussing my Disney To Do Lists and how to prepare for your trip. One of those things is to be ready to tackle the parks. While we are VERY seasoned Disney travelers and do not need a guide map for anything other than a souvenir, we do need to be sure that we have a top 5 list to make sure that everyone is getting do do things that they enjoy while we are at Walt Disney World.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing everyone that is going on to Walt Disney World with us in 29 days!! The great thing about this is that you are going to see very different ages and their perspectives of what they want to do at Disney. There are many similarities and many differences. Today I will be sharing Lexi’s interview with you.  Lexi is my 14 year old daughter…she has been to Walt Disney World 13 times…whoot!

1. What are your top 5 rides at Walt Disney World and why?

5. Test Track- I think it is cool to see how the cars are tested. The best part of the ride is when the car takes off at 60-70 miles per hour…it is awesome!!!! I love posing for the pictures with my family…we always make up what pose to do before we get on the rides.

4. Soarin’- I like this ride because it gives a first hand look at California and I have always wanted to go there. I love seeing all of the beautiful views. The very best part of the ride is the 4-D experience.

3.Tower of Terror- I like how this ride brings in a story. You feel like you are a part of it. I LOVE the random drop sequence makes for fun thrills!!!!

2.  Rock n Roller Coaster- I like the lights in the ride and I love the rockin music it sure does add to the thrills!!!

1. Expedition Everest- This is the biggest ride, biggest drop (so she says but I did not check on this…lol). Again, I love the story when you get in the queue and the story continues throughout the ride. The train is a runaway train with lots of surprises. This ride is not very typical of a roller coaster which makes it more fun!

At the end I can see that from all of my choices I love a thrill but the theme/story is very important to me.


2. What is your number 1 show that you must see when you are at Walt Disney World?

I have to see Fantasmic! I love everything about it, the lights, the parade of characters, the music and the water projection. This show is just awesome!

3. Where are your favorite places to dine at Walt Disney World?

  • Coral Reef-I LOVE salmon!
  • Les Chefs des France- I LOVE escargot!
  • Le Cellieur- I LOVE steak! I also love their mousse!!
Lexi and Laura(our friend that is Ariel) at Biergarten!!

4. What are some new things you would like to do/try when you are at Walt Disney World?

I would love to be able to explore Animal Kingdom some more. My family only does a 1/2 day there. I would love to try a different counter service there like in Asia.  I would also like to spend more time at World Showcase. We do visit there but sometimes we are rushed because my brothers can sit still! I want to visit Morocco and try some new foods and maybe a fun smoothie. I am interested in making my own jewelry in Japan with the pick an pearl..and I would LOVE to have some fish and chips in the UK simple but good!!


I have to say that as you can see Lexi is a thrill-seeking foodie! She fits right in at Disney World! You will have to wait and see what the rest of the family likes and see if there likes are similar. I would like to thank Lexi for her time and to let her know that I am truly looking forward to spending 10 days of quality family time with her. Love you Lexi!!


See ya real soon!!


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  • My daughter is 15, this will be her first trip to Disney World! Thanks for the tips from a teenage girl of a similar age, very helpful!

  • Ami I am so happy that you found this helpful! Also, along the way of your planning journey if you should have any questions that you would like Lexi to answer…please do not hesitate to contact me. Wishing you a magical day!

  • Kelly, I love reading what young people enjoy. Dakota had just turned 14 before our July trip and his interests were very similar. Great suggestions Lexi!!

  • Donna Kay thank you so much for stopping by today!! I am glad you enjoyed!

  • A 15 year old that loves escargot? Seriously? I’m 30 and wouldn’t touch the stuff.. impressive! Love the interview idea!

  • Jenn I know…we are quite adventurous in the food department. She tried it several years ago when we ate there and loved it! She cannot wait to order it again…I am hoping to get my two little guys to try it. We shall see. Thanks for stopping by!!

  • Kelly,

    I could send my two girls to Disney with Lexi. Gigi is a thrill junkie and would ride all the rides, and Gabby is a foodie…she would eat all the crazy food with Lexi. Fun article!

  • Christy that would be so much fun!! Plus Logan would love it if Gigi came along…lol.

  • […] Our Disney trip is fast approaching just 23 days until we are there!! I like to be somewhat organized for our trip but once we get there we are spur of the moment type people. I would say that knowing the parks so well helps us be able to to be this way. One thing that I think is important though is to know what everyone in your party would like to do when they are at WDW.  My kids ages are so spread apart that it is important for me to get their list of must do’s. Last week I interviewed my 14 year old daughter Lexi, you can finder her interview here. […]

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