When Time is Money Blow Some Bubbles

Money Saver Monday!!


Today’s post is not really a money saving tip but more of a sanity/time saving tip. This is a shout out to all you parents of toddlers out there…lol. I don’t know about you but there is nothing worse than waiting in line at Disney with a toddler…it is enough to make any person loose their sanity. Ok, it is not that bad but it is no fun either. Here is a small tip for you. Enjoy!

A while back I was reading discussion boards about what to do with toddlers in line to try and keep them in check. My toddler loves the mister fans but usually the people around us do not appreciate being sprayed down while waiting in line. After doing a litle research, I came across a suggestion to bring a large pack of mini bubbles with to the parks. Every time you get in line, give your little ones a small container of bubbles and let them blow away. We actually gave this a try at a local amusement park here in Chicago and it worked like a charm! I will be giving it a try on our next Disney World trip, which by the way is in 32 days!!!

You can find these packs of bubbles at the dollar store, party store and sometimes in the wedding aisle. They come in a pack of 6 or 12.


See ya real soon!!