Reuse Your Disney Balloons


Money Saver Monday!!

Mickey BalloonsThere is one thing that is an iconic souvenir at Walt Disney World and that is a Disney balloon. You can find the balloon vendors scattered throughout the parks and let me tell you, these balloons are enticing! But they are not cheap and the longevity of them is not too great….or is it????

Did you know that you can actually refill your Disney balloons? There is nothing more magical than being able to take home that special balloon and refill it for your child at home. We all know of the clear balloon with the Mickey inside of it right? Well simply untie the knot at the bottom of the balloon and can deflate and pack that balloon for home.  Yes, this has been done and yes it can be done but you must untie the balloon VERY carefully.

When you return home take your deflated balloon to your local party store and pat a small fee to have it inflated.

Beware: Do not bring an inflated balloon on an airplane. Guru Theresa did this a long time ago and it suddenly popper and scared everyone in flight. :0)

See ya real soon!!


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  • You can deflate the mylar balloons as well! I use two straws and poke them in the area they use to blow up the balloon – it’s easier if you have someone help squeeze the air out while you hold the straws in place. If you have a helium tank at home (from Wal-mart) you can blow up the balloon any time you need some Disney magic!

  • Wonderful Janey! I am going to put this up on our Facebook page for all to see. Thanks for sharing!!

  • What a great idea! I never thought to do this! We have the tank that Janey mentions on hand all the time, so this is a great tip for our next trip! Thanks for sharing!

  • I wish I read this a month ago! I wanted one of the balloons with Mickey inside, I asked a cast member selling these if they were reusable and he thought it wouldn’t work! I WANT MY MICKEY BALLOON! (sad face)

  • Ami Champlain
    April 18, 2012 10:56 am

    :O Mouth hanging open, I am so excited!!! I have learned my lesson, I will not only follow you on facebook after today! I missed this post before!!! We did untie our Mickey balloon quite easily, as Daddy and big sister felt they could not pop it and survive the guilt lol. I am so going to Walmart and getting that helium tank now, and surprise everyone when they get home! So glad we kept them as souvenirs now! Thank you again, you always have the best surprises, it’s like Christmas when I read your blog posts.

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