27 May 2014

Review of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train


We are super excited to have Guru Bonnie with us sharing her experiences of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Be sure to head on over to her Facebook Page and click like. You can also request a quote from Bonnie HERE.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, though it may not open until May 28th, I was able to ride it during the 24 hour Rock Your Disney Side event at the Magic Kingdom on May 23. Now this was a soft opening so when I heard it was open at 7 am I got over to the ride and in line as fast as I could because I didn’t know how long it would be open. It ended up being open all day, and not only did I get to ride it twice in the morning but I rode it again 2 more times in the wee hours of the next morning. In fact it was the last ride I rode of my 25 hour day, yes 25 hours because I got to the park at 5:30 am on the 23rd and didn’t leave until 6:30 am on the 24th. I was surprised that at 5:37 in the morning it was still open and letting people on, but since it was I decided to jump on and take on final ride, which was a great end to a great day.


Now on to the ride itself. When we first got in line it wrapped around the mountain back to the Teacups, with a stated wait of 120 mins, they only had about half the queue open at the point so the wait was only about 25-30 mins. So of course we decided to ride again, all and all when the queue is fully open it takes about 60 minutes or so to get from the entrance to the ride itself. When I rode it in at about 3 am the line was wrapped around the mountain again, this time to about the Storybook Circus entrance, it stated a 90 minute wait which was fairly accurate. As you enter the queue you see mining tools and equipment around the entrance, then the path takes you through a wooded area, which has some super strong fans and when the trees fully grow in should be pretty shaded which will be nice during those hot summer months. You then go into a covered area that leads to the “Vault”, which is where you actually get on the ride. In this area are some of the queue line games, the Gem Sorting game and the Water Music Maker, both were fun and a good short distraction of the wait, but really you’re not by them that long because the line moves pretty steadily. There is an area just before you enter the “Vault” that isn’t covered, so be ready to put those sunglasses back on for a few minutes during the day.


Once you enter the “Vault” you go around an area with seven barrels with jewels in them that spin. Spin each one and one of the Seven Dwarfs will appear on the ceiling, each barrel is labeled with which Dwarf will appear. When all seven are spun at the same time, not only will each Dwarf appear but so will Snow White. After that the queue line inside the “Vault” is fairly short, you go up, back, and up again and then you are in the loading zone. The loading zone works much like Big Thunder Mountain, you go in line 1 or 2 and then when you’re line gets it’s turn you go down to the Cast Member at the end and they tell you which lane to go into. The Mine Trains have 5 cars each that each hold 4 people, so 20 people can ride at a time.  When you board, one word of caution, the seats are quite snug, and the lap bars that come down can be quite tight on your legs. My husband’s screen on his phone even got cracked and broken.


The ride takes off quickly, not as fast as Rock “N” Roller Coaster, but a quick  start nonetheless. You take a short drop then go around to a lift hill, as you’re going up the hill you’ll notice an entrance to the mine with a mine car coming out on your left, keep your ears open to hear the Dwarfs singing and working away where a million diamonds shine. About half way through you come to the dark ride portion, where the Dwarfs are, mostly, hard at work If you like finding Hidden Mickey’s keep your eyes open while in the mine. You get to hear one of my favorite songs while in the mine, “Heigh-Ho”. As you exit the mine you go up another lift hill, then come out for the “big drop”, a few more twists and turns then you end at the Dwarfs cottage and you see them dance with Snow White to “The Dwarfs Yodel Song (The Silly Song)”, and be sure to look back as you pass the cottage to see the Evil Queen spying on them.


This is a really great attraction and I think it will be a big hit with kids of all ages. If you like Big Thunder Mountain you will like this, and if you don’t you should still like this because it is a little tamer and much smoother. My only complaint is the snugness of the mine cars themselves and the tightness of the lap bars, though that won’t stop me from riding again and again. I can’t wait to get back and ride again. Are you excited? Have you maybe already ridden it as well? Let us know in the comments below or on the Facebook page. Have a Magical day and see you real soon!

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