Money Saver Monday!

Happy Monday Guru readers!! I hope that you had the best weekend with your family and friends.  :0)

Someone is always planning a Walt Disney World vacation. Many people ask me how to get the best deals on vacation packages to Walt Disney World. Believe me folks; Walt Disney World can be much more affordable than you think!!

I know that planning a trip to Disney can be a drooling task because there is so much to see and do; a lot of good planning comes with time. I talk to many Walt Disney World travelers and the one mistake I hear all of the time is that people simply do not research discounts and time of year prices. One tip you need to know is, once you make your Walt Disney World reservation, it can always be modified. As new discounts come out and are offered, you can call 407-W-DISNEY to modify your reservation. In addition, you can book with an authorized Disney Travel Agent. Many of these agents do not charge a fee and pay extra special attention to detail. My family and I use Magical Journeys. (I am not endorsed by this company….I just think they do a really great job).  The advantage to using Magical Journeys is that not only are they Disney experts, but you do not need to be on the hunt for the best deals and tips. Magical Journeys will do all of the leg work for you. I usually book my vacation in January and MJ modifies it at least twice before I go, each time saving me more money.

So travel tip for today is: Pay close attention to public discounts and offers…call Disney or book with MJ to be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck!!

By the way…I write this article because a few years back before I knew about modifying my reservation…I went during free dining but had no idea and paid for it out of pocket….yikes!!!

I would love to hear about how you save money when traveling to Walt Disney World. Email me your thoughts!

 See ya real soon!!