Small Things at Disney


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November is a month to give thanks for all you have in life, a time to cherish family and friends that mean the most. I also like to be thankful for Disney as it has brought me some of the most positive moments in my life…moments that I will never forget.

Having traveled to Disney  about 25 times…give or take a few times, one may think that it would be difficult to find new things to do at Walt Disney World. The truth is, that every time we travel to Disney, we have a list of new things that we would like to try and I have to say that it is rare if I make it to everything on that list. I am forever in awe of everything that Disney has to offer. Quite frankly, it is the little things and sometimes the new things that I try that just blow my mind and make me fall in love with Disney all over again.

Just four short weeks ago my family and I were visiting the most magical place on earth…we had a splendid time. We ate well, played well, slept well and enjoyed every moment of eachother’s company. We even had time to try some new things…wow!!  I have to say that although many may think it is cheesy and in dire need of a replacement, we thoroughly enjoyed Captain EO.

My family and I walked in there not too sure what to expect…I mean we did not even know that Michael Jackson was the star of the attraction. Now here is a little background on my family, my 14 year old daughter is a competitive dancer that bleeds dance, so when she saw that the introduction into the attraction was dance training and such, she loved it! She loves seeing the history of dance and seeing Michael doing his thing was amazing to her. My boys LOVE music…they like a beat so naturally this attraction was a hit for them! Now my husband really likes music and LOVES Michael Jackson…so he was a happy camper. I like it all!! From start to finish my entire family was fully engaged and bopping to the beat. My 3 year old was in love with the characters in the film as was my 6 year old son. We even got a kick out of the cheesy floor movements as you watched the film. That night we had a wonderful time and created fantastic memories.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that while I love all of the big things about Disney…this month may be a time to reflect on the small things that make Disney the most magical place on earth.

We would love to hear about what you treasure about Disney.

See ya real soon!!



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  • Our number one “little thing” that our kids love (which of course make us love it too) is the Leap Frog Fountains outside of the Imagination Pavilion. My kids think this is absolutely the funniest thing seeing the water skip from table to table. Even better in 2008 when they were all really little, my nephew was splashed by one and started crying (he was just 1.5 at the time). My kids still remember that moment and as they are enjoying the fountains one of them always says, remember when Braden got splashed? I think he would like them now.

    It is just a little thing that brings a smile to all our faces and yet usually when we are there, we are the only ones!

  • In Epcot one of our favorite things was the seagulls, we had to stand there and wait until they said, “Mine, Mine, Mine” and we had to keep going back to them! It’s funny how some things grab the kids attention and some don’t.

  • So sweet Beth!! It is truly those little things that make me return year after year. Thanks for sharing!

  • We LOVE the seagulls!! My little Lucas could stand there all day. Thanks for sharing your memory with us!

  • Please don’t think I am a weirdo, but I LOVE Michale Jackson! The day e died, I cried. I think my older brother is one of his biggest fans. He even sewed his own sequined glove and would perform for my little brother and I when we were little (he will kill me if he ever finds out I shared that info) Anyway, Captain EO is AWESOME and as close as I will ever get to seeing MJ. He was a musical and dance genius

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