Snap a Shot of your Photopass

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Money Saver Monday!!

This tip is brought to you by me….aka Little Miss Forgetful. So you know that wonderful idea Disney came up with called, Photopass? Well I just love it!! Not only can I be in the pictures with my entire family but they are all located in one place where I can see and modify them when I am ready to purchase them. That is unless if you loose your Photopass card while you are on vacation! Before I go any further, enlighten me, have you ever lost your Photopass card?

There is a quick and easy way to resolve a lost card; simply take a picture of the back of your card. Yep, that is it! This way if you loose the card you have a picture of the numbers on the back of the card and you can simply input that number when you return home. No worries, the Photopass photographers will give you a new card to use for the rest of your trip.

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See ya real soon!!