Tuesday’s Top Ten Things I Have Yet to Experience at Walt Disney World…

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Looking at my list of things that I have yet to experience, I simply cannot believe that I have yet to try any of these. I guess I need to plan another trip!! :0) 


1. Tom Sawyer Island-Open until dusk, Tom Sawyer Island is one big playground for all kids. Accessible only by raft, the island is a walk through attraction. This is a great haven to unwind where adults can sit on rocking chairs and watch the hustle and bustle of the Magic Kingdom across the Rivers of America, while relaxing amidst the shade of the great oaks, pines, red maples, elms and sycamores. Tom Sawyer Island also offers a place for kids to let off steam as they wander through the caves and play in Fort Sam Clemens.
Families can cross the barrel bridge and explore the working water wheel, follow the dirt paths and then rest on benches found scattered throughout.

2. Club Cool at Epcot-Club Cool is the place to go to cool down and sip a free beverage or two. Sponsored by Coca-Cola, this “exhibit” situated near Innoventions West, offers free samples of soft drinks from around the world, as well as Coca-Cola merchandise.

3. Kim Possible Adventure-Follow the signs and meet Kim Possible agents who will explain your challenge. Once you are ready, swipe your park admissions ticket and receive a Kim Possible “Fast Pass”! This FastPass will tell you where and when to report for your mission!
Once at the designated location, you will receive your Kimmunicator, a GPS cell phone with special enhancements.

The Kimmunicator is a really neat device that speaks your instructions to you while displaying animated characters on the device screen. You’re instructed to go find clues in certain locations. Once your mission is completed, your Kimmunicator will tell you where to return your device.

4. Finding Nemo The Musical-Shows are very difficult for our family because my younger children have a difficult time sitting still. We seem to spend more time trying to keep them quiet then enjoying the show. I really want to see this show and will make it a must do on our next trip.

5.Turkey Leg from Frontierland-I always watch people walking around with a massive turkey leg and think to myself that I would love to get one. I just simply have never gotten around to it. Maybe next time!! :0)

6. Drink Around the World Showcase- This is where you walk around to each country and try an adult beverage from around the world. Yummy!! Sounds so very refreshing!!

7.  Hall of Presidents- This is truly an attraction that I always mean to try and never do. I love history and I know that I would really enjoy this attraction. I am going to promise to myself to give this attraction a try the next time I visit Walt Disney World.

8. Disney Water Parks- I live in a location that s a multitude of indoor water parks, I m just not interested in visiting water parks while I am at Walt Disney World. I am thinking that once my kids are a bit older I may give them a whirl.

9. The Enchanted Tiki Room-Under New Management- T be really honest, this attraction has never grabbed my attention. I know that it must be great…after all, all things Disney are wonderful!!

10. Contemporary Resort- I have stayed at all of the resorts on the monorail, but not Contemporary. I have always wanted to try it. I am not sure I will ever get the chance as I think my family and I are going to take the plunge and purchase Disney Vacation Club.  

I just love that I have yet to see and do everything at Walt Disney World!! Every time we visit it is a brand new adventure! I am going to make my top ten list of things that I have yet to experience, my number one priority for my next visit.

What is something you have always wanted to try at Walt Disney World?

See ya real soon!

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  • I always want to do the hall of presidents, not because it looks interresting, but because when its really hot outside, you can feel the air conditioning coming out of the building. I also have never done the waterparks, heard they are great, but Im like you, there are a ton of waterparks here. The Tiki Room is OK, we went to Disney the year Alyssa did that song for a solo, so we had to go. Probably wouldnt do it again. And we did the Kim Possible thing and kept getting the country Norway no matter how many times we did that country, actually became a big joke to this day in my family. It is amazing how many times you can go and still have so much to see the next time. You do have to get a Turkey leg, they are amazing 🙂

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