Special Edition: Disney To Do List “T-Shirts”



Welcome to the special edition of Disney To Do List. Over the past few weeks  weeks I have been spending some time discussing how I tackle my very extensive to do list. Check out my countdown project here and my spreadsheets post here.

We are a family that wears those fun matching T-Shirts to the parks. I am not a super creative individual so thank God for the Disboards!! There is a little community of creative DISingers that are ready and willing to create any Disney design just for you! The best part of it is that their services are FREE!!! You just need to be willing to put in the time to look through their designs and request what you would like.

My favorite two designers are Shadowryter and Scooby3x1y . The links I have provided are directly linked to their discussion threads. I will provide links below where you can go and view all of the designers.

Here is a step by step guide to help you get started:

  1. Go to Disboards.com and scroll all of the way down to Creative DISigns.
  2. Click on Meet the DISigners.
  3. Read through the first posting as it has some general rules and suggestions on how to navigate through the site.
  4. Scroll down to “Current DISigners” and browse through the thousands of designs that they have there.
  5. Once you have chosen a designer/design that you like request what you would like in their thread. You will need to be a Disboards member to do this so be sure to sign up.
  6. Be as specific as possible when you are making your requests as the DISigners work on a first come first serve basis and you could be waiting a long time to have them fix or redo your project.
The DISigners are simply amazing! They don’t get paid for their work but you would think that they do…they are so thorough. There are plenty more things you can create besides T-Shirts and yes you guessed it…I will be writing all about those as well. :0)
Before I show you my shirts I want to say that while we match we also like to be individual. We all have different aspects of Disney that capture our hearts and I feel that my whole family should be able to display what they love about Disney in their own way. We even have different styles of shirts.
  1. Iron
  2. Shirt Forms which can be found at any craft store for about $1.50.
  3. Iron Transfer Papers (WalMart they were on sale when I bought them 6 in a pack for $3.50)
  4. T-Shirts for each family member. We got ours on clearance and for our family of 5 it cost me about $13.00.
  5. Scissors to cut.
  6. A printer to print off the transfers.
  7. Make sure you print any of the iron-ons that have words on them as mirror images or else when you iron them on it will be backwards. :0(
  8. Have fun!
My shirt all ready to go!
You can see the I had to print it as a mirror image.
Another mirror image.
You flip it over and iron on just as shown.
I know you did not need to see this but I took a picture of it…lol.
Here are the fronts of our shirts!!!



Here are the backs!! So excited!!


So if you are visiting Walt Disney World when I am (9/30/11-10/9/11) you may see my family and I sportin these lovely shirts…come say hi! You are can’t miss mine as it says Disney Guru on it…lol. Notice that Lexi’s shirt is missing from this picture because she is a teen and wanted tank top(or needs to be difficult…lol)…needless to say the words would not fit on the back. I just let it go…lol. :0)

Have I inspired you to create shirts of your own? Or maybe you already do this…I would love to know!!


See ya real soon!


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