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10 Feb 2016

Send a Package to Disney and Save

When I traveled to Walt Disney World with small children with me, I was always worried that I was going to need to purchase a TON of snacks and such in the park. This could really put a strain on the budget for sure…I mean come on, I did not want to give up my […]

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01 Feb 2016

Tax Time Equals Vacation Time

February means that you have all the paperwork and it’s time to get those taxes going. For me tax time and tax time equals vacation time! Every year when I work on my taxes, I start dreaming about how I am going to spend my tax refund. Even if my refund is small, mentally I always […]

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30 Dec 2015

Disney Deals for 2016

Are you looking for Disney deals for 2016? You have come to the right place. This week Disney released new discounts for travel through the first half of 2016. YES, the all-important Spring Break weeks are discounted!!! (Triple exclamation points on purpose.) But let me tell you, rooms are booking FAST. Yesterday I had quite […]

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29 Dec 2015

Weddings and Honeymoons Oh My!

“>Weddings and honeymoons are on our minds. Did you know that the holiday season (December and early January) is the most popular time of year to get engaged? And, December 24 is the most popular day! I was surprised when I read that. Who knew? I’ve been married forever and my boys are the kind […]

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15 Dec 2015

Plan Ahead for 2016 Christmas!

Thinking about what Disney World would look like at Christmas time???  Here are a few words that I would use to describe it (Spectacular, Breath Taking, Out of this World, Beyond Belief, Beautiful, Amazing, and Magical).  Those are just a few words off the top of my head.  One thing is for certain; it is […]

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11 Dec 2015

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

Are you stuck not knowing what to get your family for Christmas this year? How about giving them the gift of travel in the upcoming year! It would be the perfect opportunity for everyone to do the things that they love together at a great location. This would be the gift to keep them talking […]

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10 Dec 2015

Magic Kingdom Attractions with Infants

We are super excited to have Guru Agent  Jenn Lissak of Disney Babies Blog writing for us today. Jenn is an EXPERT at traveling to Disney with small children. Check out her fabulous top 10 tips for traveling with babies. Want Jenn’s expert advice at no cost to you? Click here to request a quote with Jenn.   The Magic Kingdom is […]

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18 Nov 2015

It All Started With a Mouse

There are national holidays for everything. But for those of us with love for Disney, Mickey Mouse’s birthday is very special. This year I have the honor of being at Disneyland for his birthday….talk about DREAMS COMING TRUE!!! What makes this so special? Those who think this is just any regular day don’t understand the significance […]

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17 Nov 2015

Disneyland – Different But the Same

This week I have had the honor of attending a special conference for Disney agencies at Disneyland in California. One of the natural things that we all do is to compare. Of course, we compare Walt Disney World to Disneyland. It’s different, but the same. How is that for wishy washy? Many of the rides […]

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16 Nov 2015

Button Button

It’s National Button Day! Did you know that when you visit a Disney park or resort that you can get free buttons commemorating special events and special days? When any of the Gurus book your vacation, we’ll make sure to ask, because part of the fun of a Disney vacation is celebrating! Wearing your celebration […]

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My grandson Oscar (5), son Johnathan, sister Kim and I went to Disney World for a week.  When I first had the thought to go I thought, where do I begin?  I put a shout out on FaceBook and discovered that Beth was a guru.  All I had to give her was my dates and we started from there.  She gave me options for resorts, told me about the dining plan, park hopper, fast passes and resorts to stay in.  She walked me through every step of the way.  I know that our vacation would not have been half as fun or organized if not for Beth.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  I would ask a silly question, she would reply and not make me feel like it was silly.  There is so much to Disney that I know it would have been a nightmare without her.  She is always, friendly and helpful.  She never tried to sway my opinion one way or another and let me make the decisions.  I would definitely have been lost without her.  I recommend her to everyone who says they want to go to Disney World.  Thank you Beth for the vacation of a lifetime.

Christina Grande

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