Fun Yet Free Disney Souvenirs!


Money saver Monday!!

This month Money saver Monday is dedicated to souvenirs that are either FREE or inexpensive. Today we are talking FREE!!!



Are you celebrating something special while on your Walt Disney World Vacation?

Stop by guest services to pick up your FREE personalized celebration pin. The fun part is, that as you make your way through the parks Cast Members will wish you a Happy Birthday or ask you how your first visit is so far. These pins are a great FREE way to remember your Walt Disney World vacation and what you were celebrating when you visited.


Looking for the perfect first haircut?

For people that want to have their child’s first haircut a memorable experience, you must visit Walt Disney World and make those memories happen. There is a charge for the haircut but you get a ton of other fun surprises that are included in the price of the cut. Children that receive their first hair cut at Harmony Barber Shop get some grand surprises….pixie dust, Mickey Ears that say, “my first haircut”,  a certificate and bubbles.  Oh yeah and feel free to take as many pics as you would like!!!

Hours:  9-5 Seven Days a Week
Adults $19
Children 12 & Under $15
Colored Hair Gel $5
Beard & Mustache Trim $10
First Haircuts $18
Do you have a swashbuckling pirate fan in your party?
Just outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Magic Kingdom, Jack Sparrow and his crew chose new junior mates to join their crew throughout the day. If your child decides to join the crew they will receive a scroll sign by Captain Jack himself.
Looking for some educational fun?
Hop on over to Animal Kingdom and have your child(ren) pick up their very own FREE “Kids’ Discovery Club Passport” from any of the 6 stations throughout the park. At each station there is an activity designed just for kids.  At the end of each activity your child will get their passport stamped. If they receive all 6 stamps they will receive a special bonus at the end.
See ya real soon!!


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  • I would have loved for Bubby’s first haircut to have been at Disney. How awesome would that have been?! I also wish we’d have had the time to do the passport at AK. There’s always next time for that though!

  • Bird when Lucas got his first haircut at WDW it was amazing!! I recommend it to all!! The boys get their haircut there every trip we take. Lexis does not want to do it…go figure a tween would not want to…lol.

  • We also did the first haircut at Disney last June. It was a WONDERFUL experience! My son also got his hair colored twice while we were there. He had a mohawk & got tons of attention that he loved! Well worth the money!

  • I agree…the special attention during and after the fact is a HUGE plus!! Thanks for stopping by.

  • A couple years ago we were there when our son had his 10th birthday. We got back to the room to find balloons and a card signed by Mickey! He was so happy!!

  • Yes never be afraid to let them know at the resort what you are celebrating!! Even the loss of a tooth….lol.

  • I’m getting a birthday button my next trip, I can’t wait! 🙂

  • Melissa how fun!! I hope to someday spend my birthday at WDW!!

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