01 Nov 2011

Please Don’t Forget About Walt


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I have been a Disney fan my entire life! While my parents did not take me on yearly trips to Walt Disney World and until I was in my late teens I had never spent the night on Disney property, it has always been in my heart. As a young child I can remember going on Disney day trips with my family and I can remember feeling the magic even when I was young. There was always something about Disney that captured my heart and made me feel magical!

Until recently, all I knew was that I loved Walt Disney World and anything else that had to do with Disney. Of course I always knew who Walt was but I have to be honest, I never knew much about him other than the fact that he was a good man that had a dream. Over the past two years I have become extremely interested in who Walt was. I find it absolutely intriguing that someone could have such a simple thought and turn it into an empire. I find it inspiring that Walt was a dreamer that followed his heart and made all of his dreams come true. You truly cannot go wrong in being a Disney fan…there is absolutely nothing negative about it….well unless if you count the bills you incur when you go to Disney World..lol.  But in all seriousness, being a Disney enthusiast is such a positive passion that has brought me closer with my family and all of you.

This brings me to one day in October 2011, my and I woke up very early to make it to the extra magical hours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We entered the park with a mission, to get a Fastpass to Toy Story Mania. Once we secured our passes we were quick to pass up attraction just a few doors down from TSM, one that we always seem to pass up and not pay much attention to. But this particular day, I stopped and said, I want to go in Walt, One Man’s Dream. My family glared at me because surely they would much rather be on their way over to Tower of Terror or Rock n Roller Coaster.  Nope, I wanted to visit this attraction, I felt compelled.

Disney 2011 484

I am absolutely embarrassed to say that I have never been in this attraction…ever. But from the moment I walked in, I was in awe of all of the Disney history that was in front of me…all of Walt’s dreams! I began to tear up a little as I walked through this memorial to Walt and all of his successes and few failures.

But as we walked through I noticed something…we were the only family in this attraction and we had been there for fifteen minutes already. Once we made our way through the attraction the movie was ready to begin. From the moment the film began right through the end I was in tears. I realized that I have been to Disney World 35 times and have been enjoying this beautiful place that creates memories and dreams for thousands of people per day, yet I never took the time to learn about that man that has blessed me with this experience. Not only that but there was not one other person in this attraction with us…not one.  The attraction from start to finish was so well put together and the movie was just fantastic. Even my three year old sat through it..not saying he understood a word of it but he watched it. By the end of the film I was balling and even my husband said he had a lump in his throat. When we left the movie, my mom turned and said to me,” Kelly, please don’t forget Walt…he did all of this…don’t forget that.” I was just in tears. This was coming from a woman who goes to Disney to be with her grand-kids but does not have a real love for Disney like you and I do…even she was moved by Walt and his dream.

What I am trying to point out is, visit Walt, One Man’s Dream the next time you are at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Remember that Walt wanted us to remember that this all started with a mouse. Take the time to get to know the man behind the empire. Give thanks to Walt for creating a place where we can go no matter what the age and feel magical. I am forever grateful for Walt and his dreams…he has already given me a lifetime full of memories.

Thank you Walt! Hugs!

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