The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Resort Room Organization



Disney Resort Room Organization
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Resort Room Organization
The average Disney traveler spends 6 nights in a Walt Disney World Resort hotel. This can make for tight quarters when you think about all of the gear you travel with when traveling to Disney. Personally, I like order in my room so that it makes transitions to and from the parks smooth. With a bit of planning and organization, you  can avoid the unnecessary stress of looking for your Magic Bands while trying to make that special breakfast reservation.
Hangers & Suitcases
When you arrive in your room unpack all of your clothes and lay them out on the bed.  Use the drawers for small items like, socks, underwear, swimwear, and snacks.  If you are traveling with a baby you could probably get the baby clothes into one drawer. Place the suitcases on the top shelf slid all of the way back in the shelf so that they are flush with the mirror. We pile the suitcases on top of each other so that we have more space.  By doing this you leave some space at the front of the shelf. You will notice that you only have about 10 hangers in your room. You can do one of two things, call mousekeeping and request more hangers….yes they will give them to you, or you can bring some extra hangers from home. Hangers come in packs of  10-12 from the dollar store. We hang up all of our clothes, which allows for more space in the drawers.
No More Messy Sinks!!
I learned this tip years ago from other Disney fans I know.I absolutely cannot stand having all of my toiletries all over the sink. Not Only do I feel that it is difficult for mousekeeping to go around all of my personal items to clean but it is hard to get ready in the morning when your stuff is falling all over the place.  I purchased an over the door shoe hanger to keep bathroom supplies in as well as a suction cup toothbrush holder to suction to the mirror. This system has left me feeling totally at home and it helps minimize clutter around the sink.
Pop Up Hampers & Bins
I cannot tell you enough how pop up hampers have changed the way I travel. I know it sounds minuscule but really it has helped.  You can get pop ups from the dollar store and also at the Target Dollar Spot.   I place two pop up hampers under the sink where all of the dirty clothes go.  I also leave one in the closet for shoes and one by the window for kid’s toys and such. In addition, I purchase a small cloth pop up bin at the Target Dollar Spot. We leave this bin on the table and use It for anything we have in our hands when we walk in the door…Magic Bands, sunglasses,change,wallets… ect. This system has allowed my family to stay organized and to keep us from frantically looking for items in the morning.
Not enough outlets!!
We are in the age of technology, not only do we have phones but we have computers, tablets, and the list goes on. When you look around your room you will notice that there are not enough outlets to accommodate your charging needs.  I have a power strip that I plug into the outlet behind the table. I place it on the table and charge everything at once and all in one location. Yay!!!
This is great for drivers…what about those that fly?
I know we have to be very careful about what we bring with us on our fights because we are surcharged for everything!!!  We usually fly Southwest which allows us 2 pieces of luggage per person at no charge. We will never use two per person so I take an extra piece of luggage and fill it with all of my organizational supplies.  If you are flying on another carrier, no problem, I have also boxed items up and shipped them via UPS right to my resort. It runs me about $20 and is well worth it.
Always remember an organized room makes for a more relaxing vacation experience. What is your room organizational strategy?
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  • Wow, Kelly. Thanks for some great tips because I also have a family of 5. Can’t wait to use some of your tips on our next Disney trip to spend less time trying to keep things organized and more time in the parks!!

  • This is awesome, I ALWAYS forget to bring a dirty clothes bag and end up using walmart bags so I will definitely have to get some of those pop up ones ahead of time! The over the door organizer sounds great and we’ll be doing this as well, thank you for sharing these tips!!

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