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Living the Fairytale Life withBelinda!!!!

Thereis no better feeling than walking down Main Street at Magic Kingdom listeningto the sounds and taking in the sights of Cinderella’s Castle…. Unless ofcourse; you are sharing this moment with that special someone. I have been sovery blessed to spend all of my magical moments in Disney with an amazinghusband. The magic that the Disney parks brings to our life and our marriage issome of the most memorable moments of our lives. One not need children to bringout the childlike innocence and the magic that Disney creates. It’s all aroundus at the Disney parks and at the end of the day when you exit; your heartswill have connected in a way that only Disney can do. It’s purely magical!

Theseare some of our favorite things to do while visiting the parks as a Disneycouple.

Magic Kingdom
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TheMagic Kingdom Park to me screams romance from the moment Cinderella’s Castle isin plain view. There are a few attractions at this park that always gives myheart some extra gushiness and with my hubby right beside me, these moments arepriceless. If you’re at the Magic Kingdom Park in the evening, don’t missWishes! A nighttime fireworks spectacular that brings tears to your eyes, joyto your heart and simply takes your breath away!

Peter Pan’s Flight

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 Ilove this attraction! There is nothing like boarding Peter’s pirate ship for anadventure to Never Land. The highlight of romance for this attraction and myall-time favorite part is flying over London. Simply amazing! When you lookdown below you get a nighttime view of the city twinkling with blue lights, itis so beautiful. Keep your eyes on the lookout for the London Bridge and BigBen. This attraction tells the story of Peter Pan in a quick 3 minute adventurethat makes any romantic couple never want to grow up!

Mickey’s Philharmagic 

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Wheredo I begin…My Favorite 3-D attraction in all of Disneyworld! This show isoffered several times a day and is a must see for any Disney couple! Withmusic, special effects and some of Disney’s most popular animated films, thisattraction is priceless. Once you don your 3-D glasses get ready as Donald andMickey take you on an adventure for the eyes and ears. I have to admit, I havenever watched this show without shedding tears…Ok, so I let out a secret! Grabyour sweetheart as you fly with Jasmine and Aladdin to the sounds of A WholeNew World, dine in pure delight with Lumiere and Cogsworth and go under the seawith Ariel, not to mention a few other surprises. The music itself puts a lumpin my throat; you get the feeling that you’re living the movies. It puts youright in the middle of the magic and with the 3-D effect, you definitely feellike you lived a fairytale. You won’t be disappointed by this attraction, andif you’re like me…. Hide some tissues in your pocket. 

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TheExperimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow! Epcot is another favorite on ourlist of parks to spark the romance bug. This park is very interactive which isgood for couples. It brings people closer together by the interaction andcloseness of a lot of the attractions.
Welove World Showcase; it’s our favorite part of Epcot. Whatcould be more romantic than traveling the world sightseeing, eating andshopping, all from one convenient location? Disney does this perfectly. Some ofour favorite countries to visit are Germany, Norway and Italy. All of these countrieshave such great detail and are perfect for picture taking. If you’re like me;…. You take pictures of everything. 

Anotherfun thing to do at Epcot is called, The What If Labs sponsoredby Kodak. These interaction stations are so much fun to do with that specialsomeone. Shawn and I always laugh until we cry with all the fun yet funnythings you can do! You can conduct an orchestra, step on stones to create musicand distort your body through a mirror, which can be some pretty silly fun. Ourfavorites here are the photo booths where you can put your face into prettymuch anything. We never leave without a few giggles and some pictures that arepriceless. This is such a fun way for couples to interact, working together tocreate magic and making photos that you’re sure to laugh about for years tocome!

Shawn and I at the Kodak What If Labs

Ifyou’re at World Showcase in the evening, be sure to stay forIlluminations-Reflections of Earth! A nighttime show with lasers, fireworks,music and fountains that presents the history of our planet in a breathtakingway! Bring the tissues, this show is priceless.

Hollywood Studios
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Welcometo Hollywood! Take two! This Park is truly nostalgic and fitting for any Disneycouple. Step back to yesteryear as you walk Hollywood Boulevard taking in thesights and sounds of movies and magic! Our all-time favorite Disney Princessmovie is Beauty and the Beast. It has kind of a personal meaning for Shawn andme and so we as a Disney couple love seeing The Beauty and Beast live on stageshow. Ahhh… Be our Guest, Be our Guest, put our service to the test….. 

 Atruly romantic and foot stomping stage show that brings the story of Belle andthe Beast to life live on stage. The props are a must see and the music willstay in your heart forever.


 Onselect nights at Hollywood Studios, be sure to stay for Fantasmic! A trulyawesome show filled with fireworks, lasers, fountains and lots of Disneycharacters. This is a truly magical Disney show presented live and told byMickey himself. I remember the first time Shawn and I saw this show…. The musicstarted, my heart started to pound with excitement, Mickey appeared handsome asever, and then it happened, Mickey raised his arms while fire flared from hisfingertips! I realized then that I had tears streaming down my face, as Ilooked over at Shawn, it was another magic moment when I knew we we’re meantfor each other because…. He had tears too.

 Animal Kingdom
Shawn and I in front of the Tree of Life
Ventureon a romantic getaway just like Tarzan and Jane as you enter the gates ofAnimal Kingdom! Shawn and I think that the most romantic part of Animal Kingdomis the surroundings itself.  There is nothing like feeling as if yourspending the day in Africa or Asia with that special someone. We love theoutdoors and are huge animal lovers so this park truly engulfs the romance thetwo of us share. We spend a lot of our time on the nature trails here.They are unguided and are the perfect way for you to enjoy a romantic walkthrough the lush landscape and winding paths to view birds and other smallexotic animals

Onemust see for us at this park is the Festival of the Lion King Show. This isanother sentimental attraction for us as it has so much meaning.  Thislive show is now enclosed and features performers in animal costumes along withsingers draped in colorful African attire. There are also acrobatics’ and propsto help add to the live show. The music itself gets me every time; songs suchas; “Can you Feel the Love Tonight,” and “The Circle of Life” areperformed.  We even named our Cat child we got a few years ago Simba.Shawn got me one day when he called me in the living room and had Simba (ourcat child) held up to the ceiling singing The Circle of Life. It was such amagical moment! This show is a must see for anyone that has love in theirheart, you may have to wait an hour or two but believe me… you won’t bedisappointed.

 Romanceis everywhere in Disneyworld. From the moment you arrive, until the time youleave, you are taken to a place that can only be created by Disney. My heart isfull of so many romantic memories that I have shared with my husband; from allthe laughs to all the tears, every year our journeys to the parks bring uscloser together. Sharing in the magic and the love at a place where dreams cometrue. I hope that all of you get the opportunity to embrace the love and magicthat Disney has to offer with your special someone just as I have. It’s anoverwhelming feeling that will truly have your heart crying for more.

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  • Dionne Disneymad Newton
    April 8, 2011 9:53 am

    Yet another fantastic post Belinda, I love everything Disney it is all romantic as you say, my fav is Illuminations Reflections of Earth and then once that has finished it plays We Go On as you leave the park, we danced to this at our wedding so it is ULTRA romantic for us 🙂 and if we are at WDW rather than any other Locations on our Anniversary this is a must for us to view we normally watch our Anniversary show from Italy and then sing and cuddle as We Go On Plays (Soppy or what tee hee)

  • Awww! I just love that Dionne, how romantic for you guys to be able to share that special moment everytime you visit WDW! I love it. Illuminations is amazing and what better way for you to celebrate such a special time in your life! Love love that Dionne. Thank you for sharing it with me 🙂

  • Stopping in to say Hi from The Magical Blogorail Orange. I'm a new follower too. Lovely blog! I couldn't agree more about the romance and magic at WDW. That's why I named my blog Focused on the Magic! Thanks for sharing your beautiful memoriesºoº

  • Hi Deb…thanks for stopping by!! This post was done by Belinda she has a column here weekly all about Living the Fairtale Life. Welcome to the Blogorail family!!

  • Deb! I'm so glad that you enjoyed my article! I love everything romantic about Disney. It has truly made some amazing memories for me! Welcome Deb and we all thank you so much for following us!

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