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Join Dis Savvy today as she shares her love for funnel cakes. Warning: This post will make you hungry!!!  Be sure to stop by Dis Savvy’s Facebook Page where she shares her true passion for Walt Disney World…oh yeah and be sure to let her know what you think of her yummy post! 

When people talk about eating at Walt Disney World, there is always talk of snacks or treats. I have to imagine that since the increase of dining plan usage, snacks have become an integral part of the WDW dining experience.


Now I will not take time discussing Dole Whips or Mickey Bars. I will digress a little and say the current Mickey bars are NOT the ones I grew up eating. My version has chocolate ice cream ears and a vanilla face with chocolate ice cream details. I do tend to lean toward the nostalgic when it comes to Disney.


My treat of choice has usually been Mickey Bars – new or old version. When we started visiting Mickey during off season – sometimes in a very COLD off season, ice cream didn’t quite hit the spot. We often find ourselves in coats and gloves in January and February which makes Mickey Bars and Dole Whips tough to enjoy (though lines are short!) We needed a good all weather treat.



Bring in the funnel cake!!!! I know what you’re thinking: it’s fried dough. You can get this at any carnival. There are even kits you can buy at stores to make your own. (My non domestic self shies away from those kinds of things as disaster will always ensue).


In all my trips to WDW, I have picked up some knowledge here and there along the way. While I never propose MY way as the ONLY way (thank you Queen of Hearts), I can only speak to MY way when doing things.


Where can you find funnel cake in Walt Disney World?


In scouting out funnel cake service, I have found three places in the resort to find this tasty treat. In the Magic Kingdom as you enter Liberty Square from the main hub, Sleepy Hollow provides a vast array of snack items with TWO offerings of funnel cake. One can be dusted with powdered sugar or cinnamon. The other version is topped with strawberries and whipped cream.



Location number two is at the Boardwalk Resort. Along the waterside of the boardwalk itself are several stands that are independently operated and you can get a funnel cake there. In a pinch if you are staying in EPCOT hotels, this can be a saving grace when the urge for funnel cake hits.


There are a few more places that serve funnel cake. At the Studios, you can find four way funnel cakes at Oasis Canteen near Indiana Jones. Sugar or cinnamon or ice cream or strawberries or combinations are available. Animal Kingdom has Funnel Cakes Stand in Camp Minnie-Mickey with the same options as Sleepy Hollow. The Dolphin Resort offers funnel cake as a breakfast item at Picabu’s. I have not had funnel cake at any of these locations YET.


My favorite destination for funnel cakes is in EPCOT. As you start to visit World Showcase head toward Canada so you come up to America from Japan.


As you leave Japan, there is a slight incline and – there it is…. Your nose detects something sweet. You continue toward that warm and wonderful smell and you find yourself standing in front of a small kiosk selling funnel cakes! I have to assume Disney pumps that smell in because it is so overpowering. But I don’t really care because it is a terrific smell. Beats skunk and burning Rome as far as I’m concerned!


Welcome to the deluxe level of funnel cake. If you have eaten this treat at any other location, I have to imagine it is akin to value resorts. You get what you pay for and it suits your needs. In EPCOT, a funnel cake here costs almost $2 more than at any of the other locations.


Here is the level of dedication I have for this Heaven of Fried Dough. For the longest time, this stand only accepted cash. When we vacation, we put everything on Disney VISA cards and the reward cards. I would put a $20 bill in my lanyard holder as “Funnel Cake Cash” and replenish it as needed. (Now they are high tech enough but I still carry my cash, nostalgia and all).



As a deluxe level stand, you will be able to get the following items:


Funnel Cake with sugar for $6

Funnel Cake with vanilla ice cream ADD $2.25

Funnel Cake with fruit ADD $2.00

Funnel Cake with chocolate sauce ADD $1.00


Other menu items include

Fried ice cream $5.50

Bottled water $2.50

Funnel Cake Kit (the disaster waiting to happen)


Though it is a high end funnel cake proprietor, I get the classic funnel cake without fail. I will take my prize, a bottle of water and plenty of napkins with me. Depending on which direction we are headed, I will sit at the fountain in American Adventure or next to the Kaki Gori stand in Japan. (now called Kabuki Café, I will always call it Kaki Gori). My fingers will get sticky as I pull off pieces to share with husband and children. Oh yes, funnel cake must be purchased and eaten at night so it is harder to see all the powdered sugar remnants that have accumulated on our clothes.


Walt Disney World has so many treats for everyone’s tastes. If you don’t have a favorite yet, I invite you to sample a funnel cake at any of the locations but especially at EPCOT! Happy snacking!


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