The Best Disney Quick-Service Restaurants for Vegetarians

Vegetable Burger from Rosie's.
Vegetable Burger from Rosie’s.

There are so many things I love about Disney, but one that is definitely at the top of my list is how accommodating they are of dietary needs. My daughter and I are both vegetarians, and it can be a challenge to find restaurants that have an adequate amount of choices for us. One thing I love about being on a Walt Disney World Resort vacation is I don’t have to worry about us having enough to eat! We always notate that we’re vegetarians on our dining reservations so that the chefs will be prepared, but we still had to do our research when it came to Quick-Service meals.


At Magic Kingdom, my favorite is Columbia Harbour House. You can find it in Liberty Square. They have an awesome vegetarian sandwich called the Lighthouse Sandwich, which is hummus, tomato and slaw on a multigrain bread. It really is delicious! They even have a second option for vegetarians, which is their vegetarian chili. You can also ask for a side of streamed broccoli to go with it! My daughter usually gets the macaroni and cheese kid’s meal with yogurt.


Although there are several great options at Epcot, I love Tangierine Cafe in Morocco. They have an awesome Falafel wrap, as well as a Vegetable Platter. I always get the platter because you get a little bit of everything, including hummus, marinated olives, tabbouleh, couscous and Falafel. My daughter always enjoys a side of their hummus and pita bread.


At Animal Kingdom, we love to eat at Restaurantosaurus! For starters, it is a very cute restaurant with awesome decor. They have a great Vegetable Subosaurus, which is a warm sub with grilled vegetables. As much as I love salads, it is great to have the option of a warm vegetarian meal. They also have delicious lemonade! They also have a vegetarian kid’s meal, which is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with grapes and carrots.

When we’re at Hollywood Studios, I love to grab lunch at Rosie’s All American Cafe. You can find it right before you get to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Disney makes fantastic vegetable burgers, including the one at Rosie’s. You can get it with cheese on top, and your choice of fries or coleslaw on the side. I absolutely LOVE the coleslaw here! It has a bit of a spicy kick to it, which I think is delicious. My favorite kid’s meal at Hollywood Studios is the Power Pack Lunch. It really is perfect for my picky daughter! It comes with yogurt, apple slices, carrots, Goldfish crackers, an apple-cinnamon bar and a drink. What she doesn’t eat, we just keep it in the cute box it comes in for her to eat later!