Tuesday’s top ten signs you are a Disney geek


Chances are if you are reading this you may have a slight addiction to Disney. I know I do..I eat breath and sleep Walt Disney World. If I could live in a little bubble in the middle of Main Street USA I firmly believe that I would be the happiest woman on earth. :0)

So are you a Disney geek??

10. You have been sighted wearing Disney Crocs not only to Walt Disney World but to the local Target store.

9. Once you let people know you are going on vacation they do not even bother to ask where you are going….they automatically assume you are going to Walt Disney World.

8. You have Disney Stick Family Decals in your car window.

7.You do not need a park map at any time during your Walt Disney World vacation.

6. You order the Disney vacation planning DVD and watch it as a family movie….popcorn and all.

5. You frequent waltdisneyworld.com daily to price out vacation packages, even though you have no intention of purchasing one.

4. You belong to a Disney discussion forum and post on it daily.

3. You create Disney themed t-shirts for your family to wear during your Disney trip….come on I do it too!!! :0)

2. You have vacation planning spreadsheets (that you have created) and actually enjoy analyzing the park hours in combination with your dining reservations.

1.  You have no problem reading the following sentence. On Monday, my DH and I are starting off our day at AK and then we headed over to MK  to eat at CRT. Last we will ride BTM, and finish our day off watching fireworks while we ride TTA.

See ya real soon!!

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  • "You order the Disney vacation planning DVD and watch it as a family movie….popcorn and all."….Guilty as charged. ;D Thanks for the morning giggle Kelly. Great post!

    Nancy from theaffordablemouse.com

  • You had me laughing Nancy….good to know we are not the only ones that do that. I just love it!!!

  • All but 1, #5. I don't price out vacations daily. I do more then I am ever going to go, but not daily. The rest…'fraid so. 🙂

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